‘London International Shipping Week 2023 is one of the world’s biggest fact-finding weeks as we begin the countdown to transitioning to decarbonisation’, said CEO of Stream Marine Group Martin White as he launched his alternative fuels consultancy at an exclusive event.

Guests enjoyed an evening of networking and discussion with fine wines, themed drinks and canapes

The drinks reception was held on the spectacular Tower Bridge on Monday and welcomed more than 100 guests who discussed decarbonisation and met with the first movers who have already started to transition their ships to new fuels.

Stream Marine Technical, part of Stream Marine Group, has already started to train the very first seafarers in the use of alternative fuels, and has worked with major shipping brands to prepare them for the transition to greener fuels for their vessels.

Mr White welcomed his guests, saying: “Thank you to everyone for coming, Tonight is really all about decarbonation and what is going to happen in the future of the shipping industry. As we evolve through this journey of decarbonisation, the shipping industry – almost like no other – will be forced to decarbonise as one of the first movers and decarbonise in multiple ways.

Stream Marine Group CEO Martin White addressing guests at the event on Tower Bridge

“The shipping industry really is at the heart of global decarbonisation, whether that is refuelling our own fleet or carrying what the rest of the world needs for that transition themselves. If you are in a boardroom and you own ships fundamentally that fleet is extinct in the future, unless you can work out  a plan today with limited information, limited ability to guess the fuel or technology of the future, and limited understanding of how to build a business case around the real unknown. That is the challenge our industry faces.”

Stream Marine Technical can provide companies with bespoke packages to ensure they are well-equipped to make the transition to using alternative fuels. The team will carry out an overall assessment and identify any gaps in training or operational matters. Utilising its strong network of experts, it will also help implement a new safety management system or update the current one to ensure robust procedures are in place to ensure the full safety of crews.

The spectacular venue on Tower Bridge hosted the exclusive event

The company will then look at what extra training will be needed and can produce individual tailor-made courses depending on the needs of the client, as well as bespoke consultation and support services where it will guide a company through the entire process.

Mr White added: “LISW23 is one of the world’s biggest fact-finding weeks in the history of shipping, because this week and this year is the countdown to the transition and this is the year it all kicks off. Between now and 2050 we are expected to transition the world’s fleet, so let’s see how we do it.”