Out of nearly 4,000 organisations worldwide, Voyager is celebrated as one of the most influential and innovative in the maritime sector.

Voyager announced  its recognition in Thetius’ list of the most innovative organisations in the maritime industry for 2023. This states Voyager’s commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the maritime space by applying automation and AI to demurrage management.

“We have taken a unique approach to bulk maritime operations, and specifically claims management.” said Bret, Voyager’s Co-Founder. “Voyager has developed the very first automatic laytime calculator, and as we continue to grow our database of port calls and SOFs, we are building a very comprehensive set of insights for worldwide maritime operations and trade. Data-driven decision-making — and in some cases, support from AI tools — empowers our customers to optimize their supply chains.”

Voyager stands as a demurrage & operations platform designed for commodity manufacturers, enabling them to comprehend their demurrage risk, automate laytime calculations, and simplify the entire claims process. Through Voyager, logistics, operations, and supply chain teams achieve up to 15% of demurrage savings in a year and calculate laytime 90% faster.

Thetius, with its mission to spotlight innovation in the maritime industry, identified Voyager among the top organizations making a significant impact today:

“From nearly 4,000 organizations captured in the Thetius IQ database, we have narrowed it down to just 150 organizations that we believe are having the biggest impact on the industry today,” said Nick Chubb, Founder, and Managing Director of Thetius. “Our aim is to showcase the work of the organizations around the world that are pushing the industry forward, whether they are suppliers or customers, big or small, venture-funded or bootstrapped, commercial or not-for-profit.” he states.