This afternoon, Van Oord’s brand-new cable laying vessel Calypso was christened in Rotterdam during a festive ceremony. The Calypso is equipped with the latest sustainable technologies and will be a key strategic addition to Van Oord’s offshore wind fleet.

The vessel was christened by Ms. Inca Cerutti. She is the wife of Niek Hoek, chairman of the Supervisory Board. After the ceremony, the christening lady and employees and guests had the opportunity to board the vessel for a guided tour.

Cable-laying vessel

The Calypso is Van Oord’s second cable-laying vessel. It will mainly be used for installing inter-array grid and export cables for offshore wind projects worldwide. It is equipped with two cable carousels, making the vessel suitable for laying two cables simultaneously.

Sustainable technology

To reduce its carbon footprint, the Calypso has been designed with the latest sustainable technologies. Apart from the ability to run on biofuel, this hybrid vessel has future-ready engines with built-in flexibility to anticipate e-fuels. It has a large battery pack, a shore supply connection, and a state-of-the-art energy management system. This sustainable set-up will result in a more energy-efficient vessel, with significantly reduced CO2, NOx and SOx (carbon, nitrogen and sulphur oxides) emissions. Offshore wind is a key contributor to achieving climate change targets around the world. By investing in state-of-the-art sustainable technology, Van Oord contributes to the energy transition, making offshore wind more competitive.

Double christening ceremony

On this festive day, not only just one but two new Van Oord vessels were christened. This morning, Van Oord’s new hopper dredger Vox Alexia was christened by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexia of the Netherlands.