New Safety Assessment Program to Further Improve Safety Management System Processes and Procedures

V. has selected ABSG Consulting, a leading global risk management company, to deliver a major safety initiative across its onshore and at sea operations via a comprehensive Safety Assessment program.

The Safety Assessment program will analyze V.’s already robust processes and procedures related to the management, performance and sustained effectiveness of V.’s management systems (V.MS), with an emphasis on continuous improvement throughout.

“Our partnership with ABS Consulting supports our continuous drive for safety excellence, providing expert guidance towards the highest possible HSSEQ standards,” said René Kofod-Olsen, CEO of V. “The maritime industry is exposed to a unique set of risks that require complex management systems to support the wellbeing of personnel, stakeholders and assets.”

Ian Trebinski, Group Director of HSSEQ at V. adds, “The Safety Assessment program will act as another critical tool in the development and effective implementation of safety leadership throughout the organization, underpinning our commitment to flawless service delivery for our customers globally.”

“We look forward to supporting V. on their ongoing journey to best-in-class safety performance,” said Ryan Moody, President and CEO of ABS Consulting. “Our robust history of providing risk management solutions to the maritime industry has positioned us as Safety Management System (SMS) experts, allowing us to seamlessly conduct and support company-wide safety transformations for longstanding success.”

Learn more about ABS Consulting’s SMS solutions for commercial vessels, including compliance support to the International Safety Management (IMS) Code.