The extensive map of trade routes and its high added value services were the presentation letter of the Port Authority of València (PAV) at an internationalisation conference aimed at the industrial and business fabric of the region and organised by IMEX and the Alcoi Chamber of Commerce
Mar Chao, president of the APV, closed the round of presentations with a speech focused on the importance of digitisation: “in logistics before a minute was gold, but now ‘gold’ is every second”
With the aim of encouraging the internationalisation of companies in the region – l’Alcoià, el Comtat and la Vall d’Albaida – IMEX and the Alcoi Chamber of Commerce have invited Valenciaport to participate in a conference focused on the possibilities for growth offered by the global market
València, 27 September 2023.- Internationalisation, world connectivity and global logistics represent the day-to-day work in the Valencian docks. For this reason, IMEX and the Alcoi Chamber of Commerce have invited Mar Chao, president of Valenciaport, to present her vision of international trade, the keys to international logistics and the importance of efficient, safe and extensive global connectivity for the industrial and business fabric, in a conference organised with the aim of encouraging business growth through exports.

Mar Chao, Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), closed the conference with a presentation centred on the extensive connectivity of the three Valencian ports that receive and send goods from the five continents. In this sense, Valenciaport has connections to more than 1,000 ports all over the world, a hinterland that covers 350 km of Spanish territory and which allows it to channel 40% of the total number of import-export containers in the Spanish port system, and it is also the leading port in the Mediterranean in terms of container traffic.

During her presentation, Chao detailed Valenciaport’s trade routes with China, Turkey and Africa and the countless business opportunities offered by the extensive connectivity of the Valencian docks with these areas of the world. For the president of the Port Authority of Valencia, “digitalisation is fundamental for decarbonisation and for port operations. In logistics, a minute was gold before, but now ‘gold’ is every second”.

International presence

The aim of the conference was to unravel the possibilities for growth offered by international markets, specifically Southeast Asia, Turkey and Africa. In this sense, China is Valenciaport’s main trading partner, while the Turkish market has excellent connectivity with the Valencian docks thanks to an express route that guarantees the transport of goods in just four days. For their part, the African markets are in a phase of expansion and present differential opportunities that Valencian businessmen can take advantage of thanks to the excellent connectivity of the three Valencian ports with this geographical area.

Together with Valenciaport, the Alcoi Chamber of Commerce, IMEX and the institutional delegations of fifteen countries – China, Vietnam, Egypt, Hong Kong, Albania, Cameroon, United Kingdom, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Angola, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Mozambique and Czech Republic – have been present at this event. In this sense, Cristina Rodriguez, head of Commercial, Clients and Business Development of the Port Authority of València has held working meetings with various delegations interested in learning about the operation of the Valencian docks.