CorPower Ocean’s C4 device has set a new record in Storm Survivability during late evening of Satuday Nov 4th– withstanding waves up to 18metres (60ft) – as Portugal’s coastline was placed on Red Alert due to rough seas brought by the Domingos storm. The C4 system was monitored from our control centre in Stockholm, where reliable operation was confirmed with motion and loads well within design limits. C4 has since its deployment in Agucadoura endured storms Babet, Aline, Ciarán and Domingos, with Domingos storm conditions recorded by Instituto Hidrográfico as the historical record for northern Portugal.

One of the step change innovations brought to wave energy by CorPower allows the WEC to be tuned and detuned, altering the system’s response to the conditions. The detuned state creates transparency to incoming waves, similar to the survival function for wind turbines which pitch their blades to protect from over loading.

The unique storm survival mode enables our overall lightweight and low-cost design which provides robust operation in the harshest ocean conditions. It is combined with advanced phase control technology that amplify power capture in regular ocean conditions.