Spire Global, a global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, was selected by Estuaire, a data firm empowering the aviation industry to reduce its environmental impact, to supply global aviation insights. Spire will provide its detailed aircraft positional data, as well as its Flight Report, which aggregates hundreds of millions of daily satellite and terrestrial ADS-B positions into an easily accessible one-row-per-flight information enriched with all the flight and aircraft data, for post-flight analytics and reporting needs.

Estuaire monitors and analyzes aviation emissions including CO2, non-CO2 and aircraft lifecycle effects. The Estuaire suite of web applications supports airlines, lessors and aviation lenders in measuring and reducing their environmental impact. By integrating Spire data into its products, Estuaire is able to provide precise and up-to-date analysis of flight routes, enabling the company and its customers to analyze aviation emissions.

“In order to measure the full climate impact of aviation, knowing real flight lengths, altitudes and speeds is key,” said Estuaire co-founder and CEO Maxime Meijers. “Collaborating with Spire has allowed us deeper insights into each aircraft’s flight data to better establish a foundation for our climate metrics based on actual aircraft utilization.”

“Recent studies show that aviation is responsible for 3.5% of climate change,” said Philip Plantholt, general manager of Aviation, Spire, “As travel demand increases, reducing environmental impact is crucial to the future of the planet. Through our data-driven collaboration with Estuaire, we are enabling precise analysis of flight routes, arming the industry with insights to make informed decisions towards a more sustainable future.”