For years, shipping companies have been asking for a connection between their procurement system and supplier catalogs – and now it is finally here! Source2Sea and RINA Digital Solutions have built a Punch-Out catalog that allows shipping companies to access Source2Sea’s online marketplace without leaving SERTICA.

Building and maintaining a catalog has typically been the responsibility of the buyer. With Source2Sea’s customer tailored product catalog platform, all that work is no longer required for the buyers. This solution brings together the best of both worlds of the SERTICA Fleet Management System and the Source2Sea Marketplace

Michael Paarup, COO at RINA Digital Solutions explains: “With this integration, our customers get easy access to online catalogs directly from SERTICA. This not only saves them a lot of work, but also ensures purchase orders of high quality. Source2Sea is now bringing this to the market, and we are very pleased to be the first Fleet Management System offering this to our customers”.

Mikael Weis, CEO at Source2Sea supports: “In this industry, the value-add of the integrated Punch- Out catalog is quite unique. All combined in one flow and with a shared source of data, removing the need to copy data or login to muliple systems. This means full transparency in all steps and the end of inquiries and quotes. This is a steep value-add to both the end user on board the vessel, the buyers ashore, and their suppliers”.

Business as usual – with all the new value-add

When creating the order in SERTICA, the user automatically gets logged onto Source2Sea. With pre- agreed customer specific catalogs incl. images, product descriptions, and buyer specific prices, building the order is simple and very transparent for vessel crew.

After order completion, all transaction details are saved in SERTICA. Vessel crew and purchasers maintain the control and functionality in SERTICA, but now benefit from a speedier ordering process.

We will soon onboard the first customer to the SERTICA Punch-Out integrated catalog, with more SERTICA shipping company customers already commited to the joint solution.