SolydEra has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KBR (NYSE: KBR), to offer an integrated solution for producing lower cost clean ammonia using renewable energy.

Under the terms of the MoU, KBR will integrate SolydEra’s Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) technology into its proprietary K-GreeN® process to deliver highly efficient green ammonia capacity to markets worldwide. The combination of KBR and SolydEra technologies is expected to deliver the most competitive levelized costs of carbon-neutral ammonia to accelerate energy transition globally.

“We are pleased to work with SolydEra to develop new pathways for sustainable green ammonia production,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. “KBR’s innovative zero-carbon green ammonia technology, when integrated with SolydEra’s highly efficient Solid Oxide Electrolyzer, will drive cost efficiencies needed to make clean ammonia a competitive energy alternative.”
“Ammonia is one of the largest-volume chemicals produced worldwide and exponential demand growth is expected by the global energy transition. We are proud to work with KBR, and by providing SolydEra’s innovative SOE technology we can make a great contribution for the development of an efficient carbon-neutral ammonia production system,” said Martin Füllenbach, SolydEra’s Chairman and CEO.

KBR has been licensing, designing and engineering ammonia plants around the world since 1943. Green ammonia is recognized as one of the most viable options enabling the global transition from fossil fuels to renewables and can be used directly as a carbon-free fertilizer, hydrogen transport fuel or chemical.