The charging infrastructure for heavy trucks continues to develop in the Port of Gothenburg. Through a collaboration between Göteborg Energi and the Gothenburg Port Authority, additional charging facilities for heavy traffic are now available in the port. Four charging spots with up to 350 kW capacity are now operational at Port Entry.

Port Entry is located in the heart of the Port of Gothenburg, and as the name suggests, the site serves as the entrance to the entire port area. A large number of trucks pass through here every day, and providing charging for the growing number of electric trucks is a crucial part of the port’s goal to reduce port-related greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.

“On the land side, a faster sustainable transition of truck traffic is a crucial factor. From the port’s perspective, we need to ensure that the infrastructure meets the needs, and ideally stays ahead. The charging station at Port Entry fits very well into that puzzle,” says Viktor Allgurén, Head of Innovations at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

Since a year ago, there is also a charging station at Vädermotet in the Port of Gothenburg, operated by Circle K. Like the new charging station at Port Entry, the charging facilities are public, meaning anyone with electric vehicles can use them. However, the charging stations are specially adapted for electric trucks.

“The fact that we now have two separate public charging stations in the port is significant in itself. It provides redundancy in the infrastructure while, in the long run, it can keep prices down for those who charge,” says Viktor Allgurén.

Over a million trucks pick up or deliver goods in the Port of Gothenburg every year. In recent years, the port has focused on creating conditions for an accelerated sustainable transition of land transportation. This has so far resulted in various infrastructure measures and incentives to increase the pace. In addition to new charging opportunities, one of the efforts is a specific priority introduced for electric trucks in the port’s terminals.

“We have seen a rapid increase in the number of electric trucks in the port, which is incredibly exciting to see. Concrete incentives and a rapidly introduces charging infrastructure in the port have definitely contributed to this development,” says Viktor Allgurén.

The charging stations at Port Entry are set up by Göteborg Energi. The Gothenburg Port Authority has identified Port Entry as a strategically important point in the port where charging facilities are both particularly necessary and suitable.

Malin Flysjö, Business Manager for electricity and gas trading at Göteborg Energi added: “The use of fossil fuels must decrease if Gothenburg is to meet its environmental goals, especially in truck traffic. Therefore, it feels really good to now offer much better opportunities for trucks to charge, at charging stations specially designed for large and long vehicles.”

The new charging station at Port Entry has been made possible with the support of the Swedish Energy Agency.