To be effective in the cloud, ongoing guidance is needed to enable users, employees, and management. SAP offerings, such as SAP Preferred Success, are custom-tailored for this purpose.

When you move to the cloud, a few things change in your daily life. For example, you will see regular changes to the user interface or new functionalities released at a regular cadence, which is quite different from when your end users are used to an on-premise solution. Therefore, your organization needs a different support model, too. Employees require more training and technical and organizational change management strategies.

And that’s what SAP Preferred Success is designed for: to help you take an advanced step toward the adoption of cloud software in a simpler, faster, safer way. The offering can be an always-there companion to help you work in cloud solutions from SAP and help make you more successful – for example, through increased productivity and more efficient business processes. In a nutshell, it can be your helpful guidance and support model for working in the digital environment.

SAP Preferred Success Offers Ongoing Support SAP Preferred Success can deliver a wide range of guidance to support businesses in running as efficiently as possible in the cloud through continuous access to subject-matter experts when a roadblock or simple question arises. In addition, SAP Preferred Success can deliver an adoption strategy plan tailored to your exact business goals. You can benefit from regular success checks and analyses to help optimize your use of SAP software. Your SAP Preferred Success customer success partner can identify new functions, so-called key features, that may be worth adopting based on your solution goals.

But the offering goes even further to help SAP customers utilize SAP software to its full potential. The custom-tailored plan can provide accelerated access to cloud services and advice on the latest functional features that might be of interest to your business. Last but certainly not least, the service can offer ongoing learning opportunities for end users and solution administrators, as well as change management support from SAP experts. This also can include enhanced service-level agreement targets, including priority processing of select support requests.

Achieve Benefits with SAP Preferred Success

Many organizations already rely on guidance from SAP Preferred Success. These include Welsh Water, Europe’s leading photo service provider Cewe, specialty chemicals company Clariant, and the Tax Authority of the City of Hamburg.

The Total Economic Impact™ Study by Forrester, commissioned by SAP, quantified SAP Preferred Success benefits for a composite organization comprised of 254 participating businesses. Benefits included:

  • 10% faster implementation
  • 24% boost in productivity by reducing more than 50% of incident tickets
  • 25% time savings in release management
  • 30% improvement to business process efficiency

Designed to Accompany SAP Customers in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can be a challenge. That’s why the offering includes change management to help accelerate the transition and make it as efficient and sustainable as possible.

However, the plan can also help SAP customers already working in the cloud utilize cloud solutions from SAP to their full potential. For example, regular success checks and recommendations for newly released functionalities in SAP Preferred Success can be useful even to an experienced solution administrator.

Access Continuous Training with SAP Preferred Success

With SAP Preferred Success, solution administrators and power users can receive ongoing learning opportunities through exclusive access to SAP Learning Hub, our digital learning program. The offer is valid for five users, up to 100 hours and two attempts to achieve SAP solution certifications.