This is the seventh consecutive occasion that the company has won the “Accounting Oscar”, as the Anefac Trophy is known

Petrobras has won the Transparency Trophy, awarded by the National Association of Finance, Administrative and Accounting Directors (ANEFAC), for the seventh year running. The award considers the degree of transparency in companies’ accounts, and is known as the “Accounting Oscar”. Petrobras has won the award 21 times out of 27. The company was one of ten winners in the category for companies with a net revenue above R$ 20 billion.

The news was released on Monday (16) by the COO of ANEFAC, Bolí Rosales, at Petrobras’s headquarters, in the center of Rio. Sérgio Leite, the Financial and Investor Relations Director for Petrobras, Edmilson Neves, the Executive Manager for Tax, Carlos Henrique Vieira, the Executive Accounts Manager, and Bruno Passos, the General Accounts Manager, accepted the certificate for the winning company. The trophy will be presented at a formal ceremony in São Paulo, on November 9th.

Over 50 experts, including renowned specialists, scholars and university professors assessed the accounts of 320 Brazilian companies. They considered more than forty criteria, including the internal consistency of the information, the quality of the management reports, the accuracy of the explanatory notes and the information provided on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) matters. According to Bolí Rosales, “a company’s degree of transparency is not about the figures, but its responsibility to the public.”

Sérgio Leite acknowledged the award by saying: “We are very proud to receive this very important recognition from a serious organization like ANEFAC, once again.” “We appreciate that we have a responsibility to provide objective and clear information to our shareholders and the public. We are always looking to improve our internal processes and develop our levels of quality and transparency,” added Edmilson.