Orion Global Transport France, announced the successful registration of its first two vessels with the French ship register for commercial vessels .

The 173,000 m3 capacity LNG carrier, Orion Bohemia, built by Hyundai Heavy Industry delivered in 2022 and the similar sized Orion Monet, was built by Samsung Heavy Industries and delivered in 2022. Both vessels are among the most modern LNG vessel designs on the water today. They are both powered by WinGD X72-DF engines and their Mark III Flex containment systems are manufactured by leading French engineering firm GTT. The vessels are chartered to leading global energy companies.

Orion Global Transport France was incorporated in France in 2022, as a sustainability focused transportation company, with a commitment to the efficient and safe carriage of LNG energy globally.  The company was created both to meet the needs of European energy security and to promote long-term investment in carbon reduction strategies for the transportation industry. OGTF was founded by institutional investors, advised by J.P. Morgan Global Alternative’s Global Transportation Group.

OGTF will entrust the command of the Orion Bohemia to Captain Evelyne Rogge. Her notable career, both on board and on shore, illustrates the company’s commitment to promoting diversity across the board and the growing role of women in the maritime sector.

“Since the inception of our company, it has been a major objective of ours to register tonnage with the French flag,” adds Loic Aballéa, President of Orion Global Transport France. “With a growing team based in Paris, we are proud of the work we have accomplished over the past year.  We have brought together the talent and skills necessary to successfully operate a fleet of highly technical vessels.”

“France is a leading maritime nation and is the country of choice for a company committed to the global transition to future carbon-efficient fuels and sustainable LNG transportation,” says Andrian Dacy, Global Head of J.P. Morgan Alternative’s Global Transportation Group.

“France’s historical maritime tradition, leading maritime companies, and broad base of unique maritime talent is an exceptional beacon within the global shipping industry, and we are excited to see OGTF become a participant in this critical French industry sector.”