Leading corporate wellbeing provider OneCare Solutions has launched the OneCare Solutions Mobile App, a digital platform for accessing and monitoring myriad programmes for an individual’s wellbeing including physical and mental health; eLearning and training for personal development will be integrated in the future. This holistic approach to make individuals healthier and more productive reflects a core commitment of OneCare Solutions.

“We recognise that health and learning are the two most important investments that individuals can make for their own wellbeing, and we want to create a pathway for a single solution to foster that incredible human capital,” says Marinos Kokkinis, Managing Director of OneCare Solutions.

The mobile app provides easy access to health resources on mental, social, and physical wellbeing, including content about such topics as depression, anxiety, breathing techniques, healthy living, food choices, nutrition, and exercise. With the app, decisions can be made based on data that provides recommendations, early warning signals about physical and mental health, and ways to improve wellbeing.

In addition to health resources, the app will soon incorporate learning initiatives including training from leading maritime eLearning provider OneLearn Global (OLG), which has been integrated with OCS to accelerate human capital dimensions of health and wellbeing, training, and eLearning into one platform.

“In today’s technology-driven world, apps are a powerful tool that we are harnessing in a way that can help people improve their wellbeing in all aspects of their lives,” says Mr Kokkinis. “With our background in serving the maritime industry, we are acutely aware of how important apps on personal devices can be for helping a person feel connected when in a remote situation. We believe the OneCare Solutions App can truly make a difference in seafarer’s lives.”