Collaboration with partner companies as a driving force for innovation

NYK Group’s MTI and NYK Group Europe and a Norwegian technology provider Dualog* co-hosted an engaging panel discussion event titled “Collaboration @ Sea – Driven by Innovation” during the esteemed London International Shipping Week 2023**.

The event attracted a diverse audience of 40 individuals from various sectors, such as shipping companies, tech -companies, consulting firms, etc. All are eager to witness the remarkable achievements of the longstanding innovation partnership between NYK Group companies and Dualog. This fruitful collaboration was officially initiated in May 2017 and has since paved the way for developing and implementing ground-breaking technologies, including maritime data transfer systems, which are now successfully deployed across NYK vessels.

In the panel discussion, participants asked crucial questions to the panelists, including Mr. Carl-Johan Hagman (NGE President/CEO), Mr. Morten Lind-Olsen (Dualog CEO), and Mr. Hideki Suzuki (MTI President). The panel discussion emphasized the importance of technology in driving the shipping industry towards a greener and more responsible future and data sharing within the industry and broader society to achieve common goals and foster collective progress.

NYK and Dualog collaborated to create innovative technologies and established a strong partnership based on mutual respect and a willingness to invest in each other’s development. The NYK Group will continue collaborating with global partners who promote innovation in the maritime industry, intending to advance safe ship operation and decarbonization.