Momentus, a U.S. commercial space company that offers satellite buses and in-space infrastructure services including transportation, hosted payloads, and other in-orbit services, has signed an agreement with RIDE! Space to make its services available through the RIDE! Space platform.

Momentus and RIDE! Space recently signed a services agreement to fly Gaindesat and Djiboutipayloads on a single mission in 2024.

RIDE! is a New Space company based in Paris, France, and founded in 2020.

“Our vision is to provide the ultimate experience of launch services, on a large scale,” said RIDE! Chief Executive Officer Valentin Benoit. “To do so, RIDE! has designed a digital platform to handle the end-to-end launch process for both launch vehicles and satellite operators ecosystems. From scouting launch opportunities, assessing performance, price, and level of service, to contract launch service agreements, RIDE!’s platform allows its users a seamless experience.”

Besides its platform, RIDE! provides a range of launch services – operated by mission managers in charge of multi-deployment analysis – including launch RFP procurement strategy, launch integration, radiofrequency registration, or space insurance benchmarking. RIDE!’s strong ecosystem is composed of 40+ launch vehicles and OTVs, as well as 250+ satellite operators in more than 50 countries.

“Momentus is a key partner for RIDE! in the United States,” said Benoit. “The Momentus team’s responsiveness and commitment to ease access to space and mobility for any payload – including single CubeSat, hosted payload and simple insertion – definitely rang a bell for RIDE!. We aim to have future missions planned with Momentus and their upgrade as a Premium Provider on RIDE! launch-on-demand digital platform definitely shows a bright future for a long-term partnership.”

“We value RIDE! Space as an extension of our team and know that the services we’re offering through their platform are economical, efficient, and reliable,” said MomentusChief Executive Officer John Rood. “We encourage users of RIDE! Space’s platform to review Momentus’ offerings. For those SmallSat operators not using RIDE!’s platform, their online catalog of services can help make the logistics of your mission easier – the same goal Momentus aims to achieve with our turnkey in-space infrastructure services.”

Momentus’ next mission will be orbital delivery for four customers on the SpaceX Transporter-9 mission. Momentus’ first mission of 2024 will launch on the SpaceXTransporter-10 mission targeted no earlier than March. On this mission, Momentus will support seven customers that require orbital delivery services and two customers requiring hosted payload services.