Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce YoungShip Cyprus as Supporter of the 4th CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference “Exploring the Digital Frontier: Bridging Theory and Practicality in Maritime Technology”.

YoungShip Cyprus was founded in 2012 as a youth organization focusing on shipping and aims to promote the voice of young people in decision-making centers nationally and internationally. Our role is to promote the new generation in the field of shipping, providing them with information and organizing activities that help develop and enhance their skills, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge and experience. Young people are the most important asset of Cyprus, and we must rightly so invest in them.

The main objectives of YoungShip Cyprus are:
• To promote dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences , cooperation among its members, but also with the wider maritime community, government agencies and organizations in Cyprus and abroad engaged in the shipping industry.
• Continuous education and training of members of the maritime industry through professional seminars, lectures and discussions on further development of the new generation of interest in entrepreneurship, environmental developments and innovations in the field of shipping.
• To encourage members to develop ideas, implement projects and initiatives with a view to wider development of shipping in Cyprus and the active presence of members as young professionals in the global maritime community.

Through our activities, we offer the opportunity to our members to develop their personal as well as professional acquaintances, as well as to be educated, informed, and trained on issues that concern shipping locally and globally. By registering yourself as a member of YoungShip Cyprus, you can be part of a dynamic youth group that shares the same interests, and which aims to continue to develop personal and social expectations.

The action of our organization extends to four (4) main pillars:

  • The development of knowledge and skills
  • Career development
  • The promotion of shipping entrepreneurship
  • Development of environmental awareness

The immediate goals of YoungShip Cyprus include the following:

  • To contribute to the promotion of shipping to pupils, students, and young people.
  • To provide specialized training in shipping issues in collaboration with local and international educational institutions.
  • To contribute to the creation of a communication dialogue with the companies of the Shipping Industry and especially with local based companies in Cyprus, to act as a bridge of communication between the companies and graduates.
  • To highlight the important role of women in shipping
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth in the shipping sector.
  • To actively participate and contribute to the creation of youth policy with the Youth Institutions of Cyprus (Youth Organization and Cyprus Youth Council).
  • To expand the charitable events and to highlight the social and environmental consciousness of its members.