Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce MASO as Supporter of the 1st CSN Greece Crewing Conference ”Maritime HR challenges in 2023″.

At MASO Strategic, we recognize the crucial need for entrepreneurs to have a dedicated advisor who can offer comprehensive solutions and expert guidance.

Despite being a new company, Maria Athanasiou and Sotiris Papadopoulos, have a wealth of experience in managing entrepreneurs on both local and international scales.

MASO Strategic comprises an integrated team of experts, including Public Policy Consultants, Strategic Communications Professionals, and Lawyers. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of both the legal and technical facets of policies that influence our clients’ business landscapes.

Our company is founded on a commitment to blend substance, specialized skills, and extensive experience to ensure our clients’ success. Unlike other service providers such as lobbying firms, public relations agencies, or traditional law firms, we operate as a cohesive unit of consultants collaborating to deliver holistic solutions.

Already, MASO Strategic has established a network of consultants in Cyprus, Greece, the UK, Malta, and Oman. Additionally, we are actively exploring opportunities to expand our network in New York.

Our ultimate aim is to assemble a global network of over 100 consultants specializing in law, communications, and accounting within the next year. This version provides a clearer and more concise overview of your company’s mission and capabilities.