Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce AMMITEC as Supporter of the 1st CSN Greece Crewing Conference ”Maritime HR challenges in 2023″.

Established in 2003, AMMITEC is a non-profit organisation of the Heads of ICT in the shipping sector and everybody else who is involved in maritime IT & communications.

•It aims to promote the diffusion and the most efficient usage of modern Technology and the relevant best practices in the global maritime sector and the empowerment of the ICT professionals.

•AMMITEC has more than 130 Full Members representing most major Greek shipping companies.

Ammitec plays a major role in the process of digital transformation of shipping companies and promotes cyber security awareness by organizing events with industry vendors, seminars, closed members’ meetings and by participating in the leading maritime conferences.

Ammitec has a strong international presence by participating also in working groups and other initiatives.

Board of Directors

On the 10th of November 2021, the new BoD of Ammitec has elected the following BoD Members to the following positions:

  • Mr. Sardis Themistoklis – PRESIDENT
  • Mr. Maheras Matthew – VICE PRESIDENT
  • Mr. Sakellakos Konstantinos – TREASURER
  • Mrs. Vazintari Anna – SECRETARY
  • Mr. Makris Dimitris – MEMBER
  • Mrs. Raptaki Katerina – MEMBER
  • Mr. Sabanis Stelios – MEMBER
  • Mr. Makris Tasos – R. MEMBER
  • Mr. Filippopoulos Yannes  – R. MEMBER