Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce Uniteam Marine as the Charity Sponsor of the 4th CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference “Exploring the Digital Frontier: Bridging Theory and Practicality in Maritime Technology”.

UNITEAM MARINE LIMITED was incorporated in Cyprus in 1986 by a team of people who were working together since 1978. Cyprus was, at the time, identified as a good base for the international operations of UNITEAM MARINE due to its strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean, English based legal system, favourable taxation system and double tax treaties and a well‐educated industrious work force.

UNITEAM MARINE is actively involved in all aspects of ship management and provides services in Crew Management, Technical Management and full Commercial Management as well as Financial Administration, Consultancy and ISM / ISO 9001:2008 services.
It has expanded into a multinational company, with its headquarters in Cyprus and offices in Germany, Myanmar, Philippines, Ukraine and Singapore. All policies and decisions for all projects of the group (not only the shipping related ones) are made at the headquarters in Cyprus.

UNITEAM MARINE has over the years been a great supporter of the Cyprus Maritime cluster; it is a founding member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (ex Cyprus Shipping Council), CYMEPA and fully supports all shipping related organisations like the Mission to Seafarers, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the Institute of Marine Engineers, CYFOS etc. UNITEAM MARINE has also been using extensively the services of local service providers such as lawyers, accountants and banks whilst conducting its daily business or analysing specialized projects of any kind beyond the shipping industry.

UNITEAM MARINE employs over a 100 people (the majority of which are Cypriot and European nationals) and manages about 150 vessels. Managed vessels are mainly container vessels, bulk carriers but the fleet also includes offshore supply vessels and tankers. A large number of these ships operate under European flags including Cyprus, Germany, Portugal and Malta.

Although the majority of our crew comes from Asia/ Far East, we are still committed in the employment of European Union/EEU seafarers on board our managed fleet which amounts close to 10% of the total workforce. These officers are mainly nationals of Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Estonia and Latvia.

“TO ALMA” Children development Center

Theotokos Foundation Americos Argyriou was established in 1969 upon the initiative of

paediatrician Dr. Americos Argyriou and fellow friends.

It is an NGO Charity and non-profit organization, providing specialized services to people with mental and physical severe disabilities.

It operates seven programs, each specially designed and developed to meet corresponding needs and situations: the boarding house, two houses in the community, the day care center, the child’s development center, the art work shop and the short stay program.

Theotokos Foundation is funded by the government but also needs to rely on the invaluable contribution and support of people socially sensitive.

“TO ALMA” Children development Center  is a program of the “Theotokos” Foundation, Americos Argyriou that offers Early Child Intervention services through the programs below.

  1. Early Childhood Intervention -Therapeutic Program

Early Childhood Intervention -Therapeutic Program aims to empower children up to 6 years old with learning, development, motor and behavioural problems to overcome their difficulties and be prepared for the school life later on. Our global aim is also to support families in facing holistically the difficulties of their children.  We embrace a multidisciplinary approach by collaborating with experienced and specialised professionals such as developmental paediatrics, paediatric psychiatrists, psychologists, paediatric physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, music therapist and social workers.

Our staff is specialized in recognizing the needs of each children and offer the best quality of services to them in respect to their personality.

  1. “Theotokos” Community Kindergarten is the unique kindergarten in Limassol that can assist children with any kind of disabilities. Very young children (0-6year’s old) with disabilities often have difficulties to be a part of a typical kindergarten, so our aim is to offer a place for them to be accepted and developed. Our vision is to create an adaptable supporting environment for infant, toddlers, children and parents. Parents of children with disabilities often find it difficult to find a safe and secure environment for their children. Our goal is to provide high quality of services regarding the whole progress of the child in respect to their personality. As well as supporting the families in finding the best ways to assist their child in the developmental and educational context.
  2. Infant Development Assessment Program

It is an assessment provided by a Developmental Pediatrician to infants and toddlers regarding their global development. It is provided free of charge to our families. The main goal is to identify infants who may be delayed in global development at an early stage, as well as counseling parents on developmental issues of their children. Parents with children up to 2 years of age can participate in the program, whether there is concern about their child’s development or not.