Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce ΑΩΖ as the Platinum Sponsor of the 4th CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference “Exploring the Digital Frontier: Bridging Theory and Practicality in Maritime Technology”.

ALPHA OMEGA ZED S. LTD, a member of the AAnG Holdings Group, is a company with a portfolio of digital transformation and cyber security solutions. Our purpose is to achieve a competitive advantage and sustainable growth for our customers with leading- edge technology and high-end services. Our goal is to provide our customers with personalized information systems and services.

Alpha Cyber Security services and platform
We provide in collaboration with Stellar Cyber a unified platform for security operations. With Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform an organization could have a central location to gather and organize security threat information by unifying together key data, tools and alerts for analysis. We offer managed services with SOC as a service 24/7, incident response and investigation, awareness and training, penetration tests, risk management /assessment and compliance services.

Αlpha Digital Transformation Solutions and platforms
Development, implementation and support of custom information communication technology (ICT) systems, solutions and services, mainly relating to business process re-engineering, workflow management and human process automation in the context of public, as well as private sector organizations.

-Nuntius E-Learning Platform

Is an integrated platform for teaching, learning, assessment and communication. It is an advanced Learning Management System that offers course authors a wide range of didactic options targeting support of teaching processes and connection/ interoperation with third-party systems.

-Alpha Smart City Platform

Integrated platform and services to monitor and control information collected in real-time by smart IoT devices. The platform aims to minimize data analysis and operational costs while maximizing the municipality employee’s efficiency.

-Properties Platform

Αn integrated software platform that helps in managing various aspects of real estate properties. The platform includes features such as property registration, lease management, building renovation and restoration, maintenance tracking, maturity actions management, real estate operating expenses management, architectural imprinting of the building and suggestions. Furthermore, it supports user and dynamic role management to better organize property registrations and related tasks. Moreover, the platform is accompanied with rich reporting and statistics. Overall, the software platform helps in simplifying and improving the efficiency of property management.