Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce Truth 2 John as the Charity Sponsor of the 2nd CSN Greece Shipping ICT Conference “Exploring the Digital Frontier: Bridging Theory and Practicality in Maritime Technology”.

The Argo Cultural Center was founded in 2014 with unwavering values and principles stemmed from selfless and continuous offer. It has evolved over time, maintaining its core principles and always placing children and young people at the center. A significant part of the Argo Cultural Center involves charity work, reaching people of all social classes in Perama. Just as in every city, there are individuals in Perama facing daily challenges and need the support of all of us.

Apart from the cultural aspect, where Argo offers high-quality cultural stimuli to people of all ages, including classes in dance, music, sports, painting, arts and letters,it also carries out a huge charity work. This includes feeding support to our fellows in need, collection and distribution of basic necessities, support of the families with low income and minor children living in Perama and the wider area of Piraeus. We are also interested in the extracurricular education of the youth through educational, sportive and recreational programs tailored to the needs and demands of the time.

Every day, we strive to offer a better and of higher quality daily life to those in need, with a primary focus on children. Argo continues to operate and grow due to the love and continuous support of its members through their contributions.

We do not receive any government funding and our sole income as mentioned above, comes from the contributions of our members.



ARGO is expected to be a point of reference also in terms of social integration

ARGO intends to provide a multitude of activities:

*Summer movie screenings

*Art exhibitions

*Workshops for children

*Book presentations


*Events of cultural and social nature

*Dance festival

*Educational seminars

*Dance learning for our students

*Dance championships

*Events in central parts of Perama with the aim of upgrading the standard of living in our city.

*Summer camps for all ARGO members in two seasons.

*Events with a voluntary nature (cleaning an area, offer food and clothing to vulnerable families)

*Dance performances 

*Cultural excursions

*Visits to museums

*Dance classes


ARGO aims to develop:


-Special Skills

-Inner Thinking

-Right Thinking

With the aim of proper integration into society, association with other groups of people, effort for the best etc.


To offer quality cultural stimuli to our members, through integrated programs, with an emphasis on the cultivation of the spirit and the education through activities related to the arts, tradition, letters and the sports ideals.