Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce the speakers of the 2nd CSN Greece Shipping ICT Conference “Exploring the Digital Frontier: Bridging Theory and Practicality in Maritime Technology”.

His robust background in Cybersecurity and Information Security sets him apart as a technician and a strategist. His knack for anticipating future trends allows him to pivot effectively in an ever-changing threat landscape. His professional adaptability and resilience make him uniquely qualified to manage challenges dynamically. Beyond technical prowess, Dimitris Pissanidis excels in softer skills; his emotional intelligence and creativity contribute significantly to fostering a cohesive and innovative team environment. With a skill set that balances strong problem-solving and decision-making management, Dimitris also possesses remarkable mental strength and time management skills. His assertiveness in decision-making, dedication to networking, focus on innovation, and commitment to social justice serve not only to make him an asset but also to enhance the social cohesion and overall effectiveness of any team he joins.