The Marcura Group Board announces a strategic leadership expansion with Stuart Gregory taking the helm as CEO of MarTrust, leveraging his deep fintech experience.

Key messages:

  • New Phase of Growth: MarTrust is preparing for further expansion in the maritime payments sector.
  • Appointment of New CEO, Stuart Gregory: Fintech veteran Stuart Gregory is appointed as CEO to lead this next phase.
  • Building on our deep maritime expertise: Previous CEO Domenico Carlucci remains in business and will focus on market strategy and key partnerships.
  • Strategic Roadmap for the Future: The changes are a precursor to increasing investment in MarTrust’s proven solution.

 In a strategic move to bolster its position in the maritime payments sector, MarTrust – the maritime payments provider – is set to undergo a renewed phase of development and expansion.  Over the past years, under the leadership of Domenico Carlucci and with the steadfast support of the Marcura Board, MarTrust has become a prominent fintech entity, managing over $12bn payments annually.

Recognising the vast opportunities and challenges in the ever-evolving maritime payments market, MarTrust announces the appointment of Stuart Gregory as CEO.  Stuart brings a wealth of fintech expertise, having been instrumental in building and scaling Wise Business through to its successful public listing in London.  Stuart will be based in London and report directly to Jens Poulsen, Group CEO of Marcura.

Jens Poulsen comments:

“We are thrilled to welcome Stuart as part of our team, where he will take the helm during our upcoming crucial phase of growth.  Stuart brings invaluable fintech expertise to the table, which will build on the remarkable strides MarTrust has already made.  We are seeing very strong adoption as customers demand solutions that grasp the intricacies of the maritime industry, along with a deep understanding of customer requirements, compliance issues, and the distinctive challenges that come with being a maritime services provider.  We eagerly anticipate the exciting expansion and enhancement of our product offerings to serve our customers better.

Stuart Gregory comments:

“I’m delighted to join MarTrust.  The opportunity to further transform maritime payments is huge, and demand from customers and seafarers is high.  MarTrust has a robust platform and an exceptional team; my role will be to drive this next phase of growth and even more deeply address our customers’ maritime payments needs.”

Domenico Carlucci, who has successfully led MarTrust to its current position, will continue to play an essential role in the company’s future.  He will refocus his energies on market strategy, key accounts, and partnerships.

“I want to thank Domenico for his exceptional contribution and leadership,” said Jens Poulsen.  “This strategic appointment is not just an extension but an enhancement of our leadership capabilities.  We’re thrilled to have both Domenico and Stuart collaborate to leverage the unique strengths of maritime payments and fintech.”