Out of 2,500+ eligible Seed and Series A B2B tech companies, Voyager is named an early-stage company shaping the future of workplace culture

Voyager announced it has been chosen for Will Reed’s Top 100 , an award spotlighting early-stage companies that are shaping the future of workplace culture.

Voyager is a demurrage & operations platform designed for commodity manufacturers to understand their demurrage risk, automate laytime calculations, and streamline the entire claims process. With Voyager, logistics, operations, and supply chain teams are unlocking up to 15% of demurrage savings in a year, and calculating laytime 90% faster.

“We’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage B2B tech companies who are on a mission to transform the way we live and work,” said Paige Robinson, Founder & CEO of Will Reed. “We believe the most successful companies are those like [Company], who are committed to building human-first cultures that offer purpose, belonging, and growth.”

“We are very happy to have been chosen among so many companies to integrate Will Reed’s list of top 100 early-stage companies to work for. At Voyager we have a strong commitment to fostering a positive work experience for our employees”, said Sabrina Godoi, HR & People Operations at Voyager.

“Creating and maintaining a strong culture in a fully remote work environment can be challenging, and it’s very fulfilling to see our efforts paying off and know we are headed in the right direction. As we move forward we hope to continue investing in our people and culture and creating opportunities for our team to thrive and grow together”, she said.