Our terminal in Aarhus, Denmark, has become the latest to adopt of a new technology that simplifies customer experience, standardises processes and safeguards drivers and visitors.

231003-juel-nielsen-1APM Terminals Aarhus is already one of the most productive container terminals in Europe in terms of crane moves per hour and overall berth productivity. It has now turned its sights to perfecting the efficiency of entry and departure at the terminal by road.

The Automated Gate system, activated at the end of August, is part of our digital transformation journey, which will see us automate processes where additional efficiencies can be gained.

The AutoGate works through an app which enables customers to pre-inform the terminal of their approach ahead of time. Gate lane cameras equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically verify data against booking details as the truck passes through, improving data quality, reducing human documentation error and ultimately contributing to speedier, safer and simpler terminal access for customers.

At the same time, APM Terminals Aarhus also introduced live truck-turn-times and gate cameras on its website. This enables customers to determine quiet and busy periods at the terminal and check the status at the gate and inside the terminal in real time for improved planning.

Technology and care, an automatic link

One of our customers, who has an impressive 45 years of experience in the container shipping and road transportation industry, says the switch to the new system has been welcome.

“APM Terminals Aarhus is, without a doubt, the safest terminal in Denmark,” says Niels Juel Nielsen, owner and founder of Boxlink. “They provide clear safety instructions and regulations in multiple languages, ensuring our drivers can navigate the terminal safely,” he asserts, adding that the automated gate system builds on that reputation for care.

Smooth from day one

The automated gate system is already showing promising signs of increased efficiency in truck handling, he says. “Usually, with new systems, there’s a learning curve and a period of adjustment. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the automated gate system worked smoothly right from day one, with only minor disruptions. This indicates that the system was well-tested before going live. From a business perspective, having real-time visibility into container release status has proven very advantageous for our planning processes.”

“We pride ourselves on our customized approach to transport solutions,” says Niels. Boxlink, situated at the heart of The Port of Aarhus, specializes in services ranging from customs clearance to handling specialized transport, such as oversized cargo and hazardous goods.

Driving forward ease of use

For his drivers, after an initial adjustment to the new application, they have, according to Niels, been pleasantly surprised by its user-friendliness. Clear instructions, recognition of the system as a valuable tool in daily operations have been among the positive feedback already received.

According to Aarhus Commercial Manager Helle Almind the technology benefits of the AutoGate include the potential for more, even smarter solutions to come.

More to come

APM Terminals already offers a range of APIs to provide real-time information directly from the Terminal Operating System, including a Truck Appointment API for some terminals. These APIs are quickly being made available for all terminals. The company’s global Truck Appointment System is also being rolled out, providing numerous time, cost and environmental benefits.

Elsewhere at APM Terminals, Automated Gates are being installed in our operations in Los Angeles, and APM Terminals Bahrain will go live with AutoGates later this month, with APM Terminals Salalah to follow.

HI Tech & Industry fair

The AutoGate system is just one of the technologies we will be presenting at Denmark’s biggest technology fair today, October 3-5 at the HI Tech & Industry fair Herning. Be sure to call at Stand M9750 to find out more about our innovation adoption at APM Terminals.