Kramer Group and the Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a new ‘connection agreement’. As a result, the Kramer Group’s new depot – the Kramer Distripark Depot  at 51 Malakastraat – will also be connected to the Container Exchange Route .

This is a 17-kilometre closed transport route that connects many of the terminals, depots, distribution centres and the State Inspection Terminal on the Maasvlakte. This means that soon all relevant Kramer Group terminals – not only the KDD, but also the Rotterdam Container Terminal (RCT) and Delta Container Services (DCS) – will be connected to the CER

The Kramer Group is delighted with the agreement. RCT and DCS are located on the Amazonehaven quayside, but KDD is a landside terminal. By connecting to the CER, land-based and water-based containers can be exchanged internally much more efficiently.

The agreement is in line with the Port Authority’s policy of promoting faster, more efficient and more secure container transport between Maasvlakte locations through the construction of the CER. Meanwhile, Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), the Delta terminal of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) and the State Inspection Terminal are also connected to the CER.

The Kramer Distripark Depot is expected to be connected to the CER by the end of 2023.