Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, has joined the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Forum*1.

In October this year, “K” LINE conducted a comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities by introducing the LEAP approach*2, which is proposed by the TNFD, to evaluate the environmental risks and nature-related impacts of our business and consider appropriate responses as part of our information disclosure under the TNFD framework.

As a member of the TNFD Forum, “K” LINE will be even more proactive in disclosing information and advancing environmental initiatives.

*1 The TNFD is an international initiative aimed at building a framework for appropriate assessments and disclosures of risks and opportunities related to natural capital and biodiversity. The TNFD Forum is a group of stakeholders consisting of business enterprises, financial institutions, research organizations, and other entities. It was set up for the purpose of supporting discussion at the TNFD to help build a framework. Please refer to the following website of the TNFD Forum for details.

*2 It is an integrated evaluation process for managing nature-related risks and opportunities advocated by the TNFD for information disclosure, consisting of four phases: Locate (interface with nature), Evaluate (dependencies and impacts on nature), Assess (significant nature-related risks and opportunities), and Prepare (for responses and reporting).
Please refer to the following website page of “K” LINE for details on LEAP analysis.