Fugro is securing long-term capacity in the global offshore renewable energy market by converting the Fugro Resilience and the Topaz Endurance, two ULSTEIN PX121 platform supply vessels , to geotechnical vessels. Ulstein Design & Solutions AS has been contracted to redesign the two vessels. On 22 September 2023, Ulstein Verft was contracted to convert the Fugro Resilience.

Both vessels are of the proven and flexible ULSTEIN PX121 design and were built in 2015. By retrofitting these vessels to geotechnical vessels, Fugro can unlock their versatile potential and adapt them to the specific requirements of the offshore wind sector.

Redesigned for their new geotechnical purpose

Ulstein Design & Solutions has redesigned the vessels, and its engineering team has provided the necessary strength calculations and updated plans for the conversion work.

Roy Lindset, sales manager service & aftermarket at Ulstein Design & Solutions, explains that these vessels will be modified with geotechnical drill towers and necessary equipment. One of the vessels will also adjust the accommodation capacity with six new cabins.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to work with Fugro. We enjoy working to prolong a vessel’s lifetime and make it relevant for use in new markets. Ulstein has the resources and facilities to cover the whole process from start to finish”, says Lindset.