Kawasaki Heavy Industries, announced its delivery of the “ENEOS GUNJO ” , an 86,700 m3 liquefied petroleum gas  and ammonia  carrier powered by LPG.

The “ENEOS GUNJO ” is the second of Kawasaki’s newest-design 86,700 m3 capacity, LPG-fueled LPG/NH3 carrier, with the increased cargo capacity from the existing 84,000m3 LPG Carrier as well as ammonia loading capability. As for LPG-powered vessels, Kawasaki has completed eight vessels to date, and the “ENEOS GUNJO ” is its 72nd LPG carrier in total.

This carrier is equipped with separate cargo tanks and has a capability of simultaneous transportation of LPG, which is already widely used as a low-carbon-emission energy source, and ammonia, which may be expected to be utilized as a new fuel in the low- and zero-carbon-emission societies. Furthermore, this vessel is designed to increase cargo tank capacity, with keeping its principal dimensions like LOA and beam similar to conventional-type vessels so that the carrier can be berthed at major LPG terminals around the world.

In consideration of the strengthening of environmental regulations around the world and action plans for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Kawasaki will continue to develop and provide customers with environmental-friendly ship technologies with a focus on LPG carriers and LPG/NH3 carriers powered by LPG, as well as other types merchant vessels in comply with the latest environmental regulations,— including liquefied hydrogen carriers, the cargo of which is expected to be a fuel that is gaining popularity as a next-generation energy source. In this way, Kawasaki will contribute toward the realization of low- and zero-carbon-emission societies.