Leading maritime operational and safety technology company Danelec is making it even easier for ship owners and managers to stay compliant to SOLAS Voyage Data Recorder  regulations by adding one touch secure remote configuration to its innovative Remote Services.

Already providing comprehensive VDR health monitoring, service preparation and instant access to recorded data, VDR Remote Services offer unparalleled marine data accessibility and operational efficiency for Danelec customers. A multi-pronged approach aimed at improving safety and reducing operational expenses, the Services make it possible to detect potential VDR issues at the earliest stage while enabling careful service planning and readiness for Annual Performance Tests (APT) and the ability to download VDR data from shore to speed up incident investigation.

The new functionality is an agile solution for swift over-the-air configuration changes, helping to rectify errors and reconfigure VDRs remotely in order to mitigate the need for unplanned service calls and effectively ensuring that vessels and fleets can easily maintain VDR compliance. The system grants certified technicians remote configuration capabilities using a secure end-to-end connection, allowing for seamless coordination with technical partners and a proactive approach for timely fixes that can ensure vessels remain operational and are able to arrive or leave port on schedule.

Claus Borum, Danelec’s CTO, said: “Our continued dedication to remaining at the technological forefront of the VDR market is about both our hardware platform and the integration of value-added over-the-air services. This approach means that we can transform the VDR from being a mere regulatory requirement into a proactive tool that serves the dual objectives of enhancing maritime safety and boosting operational efficiency.”

Danelec offers seamless remote access through its VDR Remote Services for €840 annually per vessel. In addition to the new remote configuration function, the fee covers all existing VDR Remote Services:

The comprehensive Monitoring service provides an overview of the VDR and all connected devices and sensors. Real-time VDR status monitoring aids in the timely detection of potential equipment concerns, helping to secure compliance and empower crew on-board to promptly address minor issues while at sea, significantly reducing the risk of high-cost emergency repairs.

Service Preparation Alarm & Pre-APT enables users to start a pre-Annual Performance Test remotely for early problem detection. This proactive methodology enhances collaboration with technical partners, ensuring punctual APT compliance. Danelec’s unique VDR data Dump for Support feature also allows technicians to remotely evaluate VDR health, preparing for en-route repairs or the forthcoming port call.

With Instant Remote Data Access, it is easy to remotely obtain VDR recordings from specified periods quickly and securely through a secure end-to-end connection for investigation purposes. Regular extraction and evaluation of VDR data also helps to spot operational trends or potential safety issues while the recordings provided by the service offer a deep dive into crew interactions, emphasizing areas of possible safety improvement for training that can improve maritime safety standards.

Danelec VDR Remote Services accommodate the safety and compliance challenges of ship owners, ship managers and safety officers by unlocking unparalleled access to ship data and actionable insights, enabling efficient service checks anywhere in that world and providing early detection of potential equipment issues.

Source: Danelec