COFEM, a leader in security systems, announces the launch of its latest innovation in fire detection and alarm: the IRON Compact Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel. Designed to be especially effective in small installations, the control panel offers two variants: IRON02 for 2 zones and IRON04 for 4 zones.

The control panel stands out for its compatibility with all the brand’s conventional detectors and manual call points, in addition to offering a set of advanced technical features that position it as an integral solution in terms of fire safety.

Unique features and configuration flexibility

COFEM’s new IRON control panel stands out for its versatility and configuration flexibility. Each variant allows the use of up to 32 elements per zone, including detectors and manual call points. This capacity makes it a highly adaptable option to the needs of different types of installations.

Greater control and security in alarms

In terms of alarms, the control panel has 2 general sounder outputs supervised and protected by a self-resetting fuse. Users have the option of delaying these alarms from 0 to 7 minutes, offering a margin to avoid false alarms. In addition, it has an immediate alarm output and a fault output, both by dry contact NO/NC (Normally Open/Normally Closed).

Boosting autonomy and facilitating testing

The IRON control panel has additional features that facilitate the management and maintenance of the system. It has a Test Mode to verify the status of detectors and call points quickly and easily. It also includes a supervised and protected 30V/DC auxiliary output by a self-rearming fuse, ideal for powering external elements such as fire door electromagnets, additional sounders or relay modules.

Robust design and certifications

The control panel is housed in a metal box with a front screwed door. This box has been designed with 10 pre-drilled holes of 28 mm for wiring and space for 2 batteries of 2 Ah. The equipment is certified according to EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 standards, and has an IP30 level of protection, guaranteeing its durability and reliability in a variety of environments.

Multilingual ease of use

With the diversity of its users in mind, the IRON control panel has a multilingual cardboard to select the appropriate language and enter it in the system window. In addition, each control panel has an instruction sheet that includes a QR code to access the digital manual, which further simplifies its use and maintenance.