Brunvoll, a leading provider of propulsion and manoeuvring systems, has been selected to deliver a range of equipment for a new compact service vessel designed by Moen Marin for the aquaculture industry, including main propulsion, tunnel thrusters, and Brunvoll’s BruCon control system. The vessel is designed for high bollard pull, and the additional power will make the vessel more attractive in a demanding sector

The new compact service vessel, designed by Moen Marin, is a single-hull multi-purpose vessel built in steel. The vessel is designed for use in various aquaculture operations, and it is dimensioned for heavier operations, with a relatively high bollard pull. The vessel will be 26 meters long and 12,4 meter in breadth.

Brunvoll will provide a reliable and efficient main propulsion and gear system for the vessel, ensuring that the vessel is able to operate effectively in a wide range of conditions. Additionally, the two tunnel thrusters on the new service vessel will provide excellent manoeuvrability and positioning. Last, but not least; Brunvoll’s BruCon system is a complete control, monitoring, and automation solution for main propulsion equipment, including azimuth systems. It is designed and optimized for the entire range of Brunvoll propulsion and thruster units and will ensure that the vessel is able to operate efficiently and effectively.

Figure 2: Brunvoll will deliver propulsion and gear, thrusters, and BruCon control system. (Illustration by Brunvoll)

Brunvoll to Supply Extensive Package for 26m Aquaculture Service Vessel

With Brunvoll’s advanced equipment onboard, the new compact service vessel designed by Moen Marin is sure to be an asset for the aquaculture industry. The vessel’s compact design, combined with Brunvoll’s reliable and efficient equipment, will help to ensure that it is able to operate effectively even in challenging conditions.

“The single hull design allows us to optimize the propulsion of this aquaculture service

vessel for both high bollard pull and good speed, making this a valuable asset for the industry able to perform heavy-duty tasks”, says Vidar Liaskar, Sales Manager in Brunvoll.

Additional information:
Moen Marin is the world’s largest supplier of workboats and service vessels to the aquaculture industry. The company has a proven track record of designing vessels for all waters, including shorter and more compact designs. Moen Marin leads the way in electrification and digitization of the aquaculture fleet and has since 2019 delivered hybrid propulsion on all vessel types.