Redefining On-the-Go Connectivity for Maritime and Land

AST is thrilled to announce that we now offer the state-of-the-art Kymeta Peregrine u8 LEO terminal for OneWeb. This groundbreaking terminal takes maritime connectivity to new heights as the first flat-panel antenna designed to serve the maritime market on the OneWeb LEO network.

With the sleek and energy-efficient Peregrine u8, specialized installation equipment becomes a thing of the past. This slim terminal can be easily installed onboard by just two individuals within a matter of hours, eliminating the need for complex setups. It’s a game-changer for maritime communication, ensuring reliable and hassle-free connections even in challenging conditions.

The Peregrine u8 is now available alongside the land-based Hawk u8 LEO terminal, which was showcased by the Kymeta Corporation at AST’s headquarters in June 2023.

Kymeta Hawk

The Kymeta Hawk u8 marks a significant milestone as the first flat-panel satellite user terminal tailored for the OneWeb global satellite network. Utilizing Kymeta’s cutting-edge electronically steered antenna, this terminal seamlessly mounts on vehicles, providing users with unparalleled satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity.

Delivering both low-latency and high-bandwidth connectivity, the Hawk u8 ensures seamless internet access to users anywhere on OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. Whether stationary or on the move, the Hawk u8 redefines reliable on-the-go internet, opening doors to countless applications.

Kymeta Hawk u8 OneWeb terminal

Kymeta Peregrine

Embarking on maritime adventures has never been this connected. The Kymeta Peregrine u8 is purpose-built to ensure continuous communication in all maritime settings, from open oceans to inland waterways. Designed to flawlessly integrate with a vessel’s IT infrastructure, the Peregrine u8 guarantees reliable connectivity even in rough seas.

From super yachts to commercial fishing and shipping vessels, the Peregrine u8 LEO terminal caters to all large vessels relying on OneWeb’s enterprise-grade connectivity. Kymeta’s commitment to seamless land-like connectivity at sea shines through in this versatile solution.

Kymeta Peregrine u8 OneWeb Terminal

Mark Sykes, VP of Sales EMEA, shared his enthusiasm:

“Getting hands-on with the new Kymeta Hawk terminal and having the Kymeta Corporation showcase their flat-panel antennas at our offices has cemented a great working relationship between both organisations and generated real excitement within the team and customers about the benefits of the technology sitting within the Kymeta terminals.

The Peregrine u8’s slim, energy-efficient design ensures hassle-free installation on board, elevating and modernising maritime connectivity for our customers.”

As a devoted partner and advocate of OneWeb connectivity, AST is proud to bring customers the advantage of low-power, high-impact connectivity solutions. Discover more about the game-changing Kymeta Peregrine and Hawk LEO Terminals by contacting us through our website.