ABS and Seatrium Limited  have taken the next step on a pioneering journey to advance the use of smart functions with the assignment of a structural health monitoring notation to a self-elevating drilling unit .

ADMARINE 686 is the world’s first SEDU to receive the ABS SMART (SHM) Notation, recognizing its ability to monitor and analyze the condition of a range of key structural elements, supporting physics-based analysis and simulation for a holistic structural health assessment and prediction of drilling and maritime assets.

Seatrium Offshore Technology (a member of Seatrium Group) is collaborating with the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) to build a structural digital twin using data from sensors on the SEDU. The twin is capable of detecting structural degradation based on global strength response. The structural health monitoring smart function is being delivered on an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) digital platform with connectivity from the rig to a shoreside station in Singapore.

“The SHM notation is another significant step in the application of smart technology to advance the cause of safety at sea. Working together with forward-looking companies like Seatrium, we are setting the pace in digital innovation in the marine and offshore industries,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman and CEO.

“Seatrium is at the forefront in leveraging technology to advance safety and operations performance in the offshore, marine and energy sectors. We are pleased to partner ABS and TCOMS to harness our strong capabilities in design and engineering excellence to co-create and operationalize a structural health monitoring solution for our customers. This is another strong testament to our ambitions to inspire, innovate and invent market-ready solutions for the industry,” said Chris Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Seatrium.

The notation is the latest in an ongoing series of development projects relating to smart performance functions between ABS and Seatrium. In April 2023, ABS recognized Seatrium as the first shipyard group to deploy smart technologies in its operations, in line with the ABS Guide for Smart Technologies for Shipyards. Previously, ABS and Seatrium announced the world’s first smart LNG bunkering vessel, FueLNG Bellina, as well as recognizing Seatrium as the first shipyard to integrate smart functions and services into rigs, awarding the SMART(INF) and SMART(MHM) notations.