As the board of Seably finishes our tenure and me, as its CEO, I want to reflect on the time spent and our path together. When the Swedish Shipowners’ Association initiated Seably, it was a promising start-up with a clear vision. I was brought in just over 21/2 years ago to nurture its potential and spearhead its growth.
Under our combined efforts, Seably swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a leading, DNV-approved digital training platform in the maritime sector. Our constant aim? Better crew performance, safety, and overall well-being. A testament to this commitment was the strategic acquisition of WellAtSea.
Seably’s involvement in the 4-day a week global pilot program was an innovative step during my leadership. This initiative and DNV certification showcased our forward-thinking approach and dedication to maintaining high standards.
Central to Seably’s accomplishments since I took over the leadership is how we have built up our remarkable team of 52, spanning 19 countries. I must take a moment here to express my deep gratitude to them. Their commitment, expertise and collaborative spirit have been the backbone of Seably’s success. Your dedication has shaped Seably and it’s been an honour to work alongside you.
As this marks my fourth successful financial exit, my focus is shifting. Rather than continuing in operational capacities, I plan to channel my energy and expertise into private equity investments. Additionally, I will take the opportunity to contribute to the upcoming generations through lecturing and mentoring.